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I started the company "Media Unwrapped" in 2008 with the goal of helping people unravel or "unwrap" all things media. I enjoy the process of making complicated things easier to use and understand, and in today's techno-saturated world, that's a challenge! Some of my clients have asked for help understanding social media, communications or other business strategies. Others have been looking for cost-effective ways to produce quality print, web, or other media content. Others have simply hired me to produce an oil painting or to work with them on a custom photo or video project. All of this is fair game, because when you begin to unwrap the modern world of media, it's amazing what diverse and exciting choices you can find.

To edit or not to edit….

Ok…I get it.  We are at a point in our cultural interactions where being “too perfect” is a problem.  We value authenticity and realism.  We are not only okay with imperfections, we insist on having them and displaying them with … Continue reading

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First Contact! (repost)

I have to admit to being a bit of a Star Trek fan.  Okay, more than just a bit of a fan…don’t ask me for pictures.  I find it “fascinating” that the Star Trek brand has been able to be … Continue reading

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Do your social media tools fit? (repost)

I took the above photo during a trip to rural Thailand several years ago while shooting footage and gathering stories for a documentary about a community development project.  The project was centered mostly around sustainable farming techniques and had as … Continue reading

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“Listen…do you smell something?” (repost)

That quote came from the hilarious movie Ghostbusters…but you probably already guessed that.  I was thinking about that line tonight as the movie I was watching on my TV ended.  The credits finished, the audio stopped, the picture went black … Continue reading

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